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Kestrel is a well known international healer and catalyst for change. He creates a safe healing environment which allows access to the deep hidden parts and spiritual paths of the self. His approach is holistic, shamanic and alchemical. He is a weaver of energies who brings together the light with the shadow, the male and the female, and the outer and inner worlds in those he works with.

Kestrel has run workshops and given talks and individual healing sessions both in the UK and USA and has travelled extensively on his own journey of self development, including the rainforests of Borneo and Guatemala, the Himalayas, Peru, Mexico and in the sacred landscapes of England and Wales. He has lived and worked in Glastonbury since 1988.

Kestrel has been doing healing work since 1989 and guidance since 1986. He is a full healer member of the NFSH and has the College of Healing Diploma.

Kestrel runs an in-depth training called The Call of the Shaman, giving participants a chance to learn his healing techniques and to travel on a journey of change and self-empowerment. he will travel to other areas, including other countries, to share his skills.


Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing is a very powerful form of healing which restores balance and harmony to all four aspects of the being: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. Healing energy is channelled to the client and this is combined with sound. The healing effect of sound is very immediate, bypassing the mind and getting straight to the root.

Two forms of sound are used: toned and breath sound. The person's energy web and centres are rewoven by the healing energy, restoring the connection to one's self and awakening inner healing potential.


When necessary, Kestrel also works with regression to guide the client back into the past to release recurring subconscious patterns, negative conditioning and limiting thought forms. This helps to release any buildup of suppressed and stuck emotions from the body and energy field. Fragmented parts of the soul are retrieved and integrated back into the body to align the person more fully with themselves. This leads to feelings of aliveness and inner peace which can affect other areas of the person's life, creating positive change, personal empowerment, fulfilment and connection to one's inner self, creating harmony.

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Guidance and Direction
Higher Perception

Higher Perception is a Shamanic way of connecting to the higher self to obtain the overview, the whole picture of a person's life journey from a spiritual perspective. This is communicated to the client in words relevant for them to hear.

It is a very wide-ranging form of guidance and can look into blocks, patterns and conditioning and offer ways of releasing them. It can give guidance and direction to a person's life, including what they incarnated on the earth to do, their unique soul path and how it can be brought into being and fulfilled. It can also look into specific questions in an in-depth way. As well as the guidance given higher perception brings healing energy to the client and connects them more to their higher self; a connection which will last after the session takes place.

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Rune Readings

The runes are an ancient Shamanic system of divination consisting of simple symbols which represent the forces of nature. They can bring information from the hidden realms into conscious awareness, and give ankestrel in-depth picture of a person's life, helping to give insight into confusing situations, life decisions, finding one's true self, etc, which can lead to personal empowerment and growth.

The runes are positioned in different layouts which also have meanings which relate to shamanic concepts. The combination of the runes, their position and Kestrel's higher perceptive abilities brings to the client the information they need.

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Runic Name Readings
(understanding the soul essence of your name)

The runes are an ancient alphabet with sound values. Everything named has its rune, which represents a sound weaving of natural energies in a unique way. The personal name is our individual combination of runes. When the runes of the name are understood and experienced it can lead to a greater awareness of the self and one's path in life.

In a runic name reading Kestrel works with the runes of the name to reveal your unique qualities, what motivating energies are present, where your energies are directing you, and the essence of your inner soul, to give you a deeper understanding of yourself.

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Understanding Dreams
Dream Readings

There are two kinds of dream, the subconsious, "sorting-out of problems" dream and the spiritual dream, which is where our higher self and allies in other dimensions speak symbolically and directly to the soul.  This reading can work with either or both kinds of dreams, which allows the client to understand their dream environment better.  This can lead to greater knowledge of the self and inner empowerment.  In a reading we explore the dream to unlock its personal meaning for the client and its application in everyday, waking conscious life.  Also included will be dream exercises that can be used at home to carry on the dream understanding process for healing, inner knowledge and lucid dreaming.

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The Call Of The Shaman
A year-long non-residential training over seven weekends in Glastonbury
with Kestrel and Jay

This course aims to guide you through a journey of change, transformation and self -empowerment to release you from the chains of negative belief and conditioning utilising a range of tools and healing techniques including sound, the runes and shamanism.

On this course you will learn:

• How to work with sound for healing and wholeness.

• Universal shamanic wisdom and how to apply it to everyday life.

• To connect to inner rhythms of nature and the self.

• Develop higher-perception consciousness abilities.

• The ancient meanings of the runes and their shamanic use.

• Shamanic healing techniques to release negative thought forms and patterns.

The course runs over seven non-residential weekends in Glastonbury Some of the practical aspects of the course are held outside in nature at local places of power. After successful completion of the course, participants will have the opportunity to undertake their own case studies to become registered Shamanic Healers.

Jay and KestrelKestrel and Jay have worked with shamanism and healing for many years both in group and one-to-one settings throughout the UK and the USA. They have worked at sacred sites globally on their own journeys of shamanic initiations, which have enabled them to weave many traditions of shamanism, accessing the heart of shamanic wisdom. They have created original techniques used with thousands of people and run a successful practice at the Bridget Healing Centre in Glastonbury.