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Jay Oakwood


Shamanic Healing & Balancing with Voice

Cord Cutting

Soul Reconnection

Rune Readings

The Healing Drum

Jay has worked as a healer for many years and her life experiences have helped her gain a great depth of understanding about herself and others.

She has had several initiations that have been very powerful to her own growth, from a young girl growing up in Wales to a wife and mother of two teenage children, living in Glastonbury. Jay has worked in the USA, helping run Shamanic workshops, and at sacred sites around the world. One of her most powerful experiences was at Machu Picchu and the Colca Canyon, both in Peru, South America.  Jay's sessions are unique to each person that she works with and she feels honoured when someone chooses to work with her.

Jay also runs a year-long training course with her husband, called The Call Of The Shaman and also has intensive training in shamanic practices.  She is currently working on a Shamanic workshop for women that includes looking at sexuality, being in the moment, empowerment and beyond.


About Shamanic Work

Experiencing any type of Shamanic session is a very deep yet gentle way of honouring your true self and potential. It is a gift you can give to yourself: a gift of time and love, also commitment to you, and a way of getting in touch with yourself on a deeper level, whilst being held in a safe space in a nurturing, loving, non-judgemental energy.

Shamanic healing and Balancing with Voice

This helps to balance your energy and harmonize your being; sounds are made with voice to assist the depth of your soul to relax and enjoy a vocal massage from your soul outwards.  A chance to resonate with your personal vibration and the unique sound that we all carry within and around our bodies.

Cord Cutting

Letting go of negative attachments can be liberating and expanding, whether it be to a person, an addiction or obsession. Cutting the energetic cords that can become attached through patterns, from giving up your personal power or through dependency can be a powerful release to enable you to walk forward with regained strength and understanding.  This is done in a safe and gentle way.

Soul Reconnection

This is a beautiful way to say "hello" again to a lost part of yourself, to welcome back a part of you that had to leave for whatever reason.  Combines higher intention and focused attention to reconnect to that something that's been missing from inside.

Rune Readings

Viewing your path with guidance from Ancient Runes, asking your true counsellor, your spirit, for advice, looking at past, present and future to find ways of change and heal.

Healing the past, accepting the now and walking into the future.  This can be done in a session of half-an-hour or a more in-depth reading of one hour.

To book a session with Jay, call in at the Bridget Healing Centre, phone us on 01458 833317 or 07792858181 (mobile)


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The Call Of The Shaman

One-year certified training in Glastonbury.

This course, over six weekends, will allow you the opportunity to embark on a journey of change and self-empowerment.  It's a course of transformation, releasing you from many chains of negative belief and conditioning you may have.

  • You will learn specific tools and techniques, deeply connecting you to your indwelling strength and healing ability

  • Shamanic Healing Training

  • Integrating your spiritual and physical selves

  • Grounding your uniquely personal vision in life

Intakes twice a year.

More Information on The Call Of The Shaman

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The Healing Drum

With Jay Oakwood - a one day Shamanic Workshop

Date to be announced shortly

for venue information, please contact Jay

The Healing Drum

The Drum is one of our most ancient and powerful tools. Shamans from all tribes use a drum for ceremony, trance, dance, healing and much more.

Join Jay, a shamanic Teacher/Healer, well known for her connection with the drum, in freeing inhibitions and finding your own expression and energy.

The Healing Drum

A day of connecting to the vitality within to find the spirit of your drum and how it communicates to you, maybe to access a tribal past or a healing future, to bring you ever more into the present.

Be as one in a sacred circle to find your Healing Drum.

The Healing Drum

For venue information, please telephone Jay on 07792 858181 or The Bridget Healing Centre on 01458 833317


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