Call Of The Shaman



Jay and Kestrel have worked with Shamanism and healing for over thirty years, both in groups and one-to-one settings through the UK and the USA. They are widely known for their inspired, warm, humorous and deep way of opening others to their true potential and creating a sacred and safe space to work in. They have worked globally on their own journeys of Shamanic Initiation, which have enabled them to weave many traditions of Shamanism, accessing the heart of Shamanic Wisdom. They have created original techniques used with thousands of people.

Jay and Kestrel

They are married and are the Directors of the Bridget Healing Centre, Glastonbury's longest running and most established healing centre, where they offer one to one sessions.


Call of the Shaman

First year training

This course utilises a range of original techniques, that access the heart of Shamanic Healing. To include sound, energy work, seeing, regression, soul retrieval, runes and the healing powers of nature and shamanic dreaming. It will guide you through a personal journey of transformation and empowerment.

Some of the practical work is held outside in nature at places of power - the true Shamanic classroom.

On completion of this course, participants have the choice to compile their own case-studies to become registered shamanic healers. This training is suitable for beginners and those with experience. All held in a safe and confidential environment.

The Call of the Shaman

March 18-19 2023 : The Shaman Is The Healer
Shamans worldwide work with a map of inner and outer energies, The World Tree, The Web and lifeforce. Learning to balance these energies creates healing on all levels, working with the rhythms of the moon, nature and tree spirits develops oneness.
May 13-14 2023 : The Shaman Is The Alchemist
Transmuting energy from one state to another during healing work or deep inner meditation is the essence of true alchemy. The Shaman uses Animals of Power to understand soul energy and how we link to the animal kingdom.
July 8-9 2023 : The Shaman Is The Caller Of The Sounds Of Creation
Everything comes from sound, we are sound, when combined with deep energy healing it takes the work to a sacred and profound space. Using a complete system of healing sounds that transforms energy on all levels.
September 16-17 2023 : The Shaman Stalks The Psyche
When mental and emotional energy become blocked within the body it can create patterns and belief systems that restrict us from our true selves. Working with healing regression to access the cause or root of these energy patterns, releasing the past to become fully in the present.
November 4-5 2023 : The Shaman Is The Seer
The Shaman sees into all realms of being, the Otherworld and This World to communicate in an inspirational and grounded way. The messages from these realms have great relevance to our lives. Learning to use Higher Perception to access information and travel to the spirit realms to meet our Master Shaman.
January 13-14 2024 : The Shaman Faces All Directions
The Shaman works in the North, East, South and West and in the centre to connect to the elements of Fire, Earth, Air and Water to come into harmony with the forces of Nature, balancing the Ego with the Spirit and connection with the power of The Healing Drum and Rattles.
March 2-3 2024 : The Shaman Brings Home The Soul
To bring back fragmented and lost parts of the soul is one of the most important parts of Shamanic healing, to enable us to be fully alive and present. Working with original Soul Retrieval techniques and partaking in an initiation ceremony to awaken your true self.

An application form is required for this course - our contact details are here.

DEPOSIT: £180 to secure your place (non refundable)

TOTAL COST: £1260 including deposit)

Various methods of payment are available; please enquire.

The Call of the Shaman


The Deeper Journey

Second year training

This training is only open to all who have completed the first year of The Call of The Shaman Healing Training. It is an opportunity to guide you deeper into Shamanic Healing, The Runes, and to Nature and The Web.

Integrating light and shadow, facing challenges of the ego to go deeper into your spirit and true self. Finding ways of strengthening your connection to your soul purpose, and to free oneself from attachments and conditioning to truly be in the world but not of it.

The Deeper Journey

Weekend one: Omen June
Understanding messages from the Wyrd. White land of Spirit meditation, the cauldron of inspiration. Meanings of animals, birds and directions. Journey - to Avalon. Runa Megin, directions and elements, practices out in nature (weather permitting).
Weekend two: The Art of Detachment August
Removing attachments and cords to people, situations, habits and conditioning. Restoring power, regression work to release genetic Karma.
Weekend three: Dreaming the Ancestors October
Connect to the power of our Ancestors. Jouney to discover ancestral blocks. Night Time Healing Ceremony. Out in nature (weather permitting). Ancestral connection ceremony
Weekend four: Depth of the Runes December
Divination with Runes, basic to deep level. THIRTY THREE Anglo Celtic Runes. POwer words, Runic name divination, understanding the power and the Wyrd of our personal names. Galdra of power words the Gods, Goddesses and Wyrd Sisters.
Weekend five: Awaken the Light Stalking the Shadow February
The Nine Shadow Qualities, meeting light and shadow self, Night-time Vigil, integration journey. Out in nature (weather permitting).
Weekend six: The Shaman's way to Freedom April
Deep level connection to four elements through journeying and meditations. Living the Four Challenges. Awaken the senses, out in nature (weather permitting).
Weekend seven: Sacred Marriage June
Shamanic Tantra, Mongolian Soul liberation meditation, Mayan power words. Journey to marry fetch wife/husband. Out in nature (weather permitting).

The Deeper Journey

The Deeper Journey



COST: £1190

DEPOSIT: £170 (Non refundable, balance must be paid 1 month before start date)

Various other methods of payment are available; please enquire.

Please contact us to apply for this course.


The Call of the Shaman "Taster Day"

A Taster Day - a one day introduction to the year-long Shamanic Healing Training with Jay & Kestrel Oakwood.

During this day you will experience -

  • A Taste of Shamanic Healing
  • Sacred Shamanic Sound
  • The Mystery of Runes
  • The Power of the Drum & Rattles
  • Connecting to the Spirits of Nature
  • How to increase your Life Force

Jay & Kestrel have worked with Shamanism and Healing for many years both in group and one-to-one settings throughout the UK and the USA. They have worked at sacred sites globally on their own journeys of Shamanic Initiation, which have enabled them to weave many traditions, accessing the Heart of Shamanic Wisdom. They have created original techniques used with thousands of people and are the Director of Glastonbury's most established and longest running Healing Centre called The Bridget Healing Centre.

Date Date to be announced shortly
Venue Venue to be announced shortly
Time 11am - 6pm

To secure your place, please send cheque for 65 to: Jay & Kestrel Oakwood, The Bridget Healing Centre, 2-4 High Street, Glastonbury BA6 9DU or call 01458 833317 or 07792858181.


The Healing Drum

With Jay Oakwood - a one day Shamanic Workshop

Date to be announced shortly

for venue information, please contact Jay

The Healing Drum

The Drum is one of our most ancient and powerful tools. Shamans from all tribes use a drum for ceremony, trance, dance, healing and much more.

Join Jay, a shamanic Teacher/Healer, well known for her connection with the drum, in freeing inhibitions and finding your own expression and energy.

The Healing Drum

A day of connecting to the vitality within to find the spirit of your drum and how it communicates to you, maybe to access a tribal past or a healing future, to bring you ever more into the present.

Be as one in a sacred circle to find your Healing Drum.

The Healing Drum

For venue information, please telephone Jay on 07792 858181 or The Bridget Healing Centre on 01458 833317